Prayer Meeting

One pastor-teacher has written,

Prayer is a way of life for true believers. It is how we breathe.

Prayer ministry exists as a means of God’s grace, to encourage and exhort the body, to cultivate a heart of dependency upon the Lord. In prayer, we acknowledge to the Lord that in our utter weakness, we depend solely on his grace and mercy.

Harvest prayer ministry encourages the grace of prayer through two important disciplines: corporate prayer and private prayer. These two disciplines are absolutely necessary for sincere intimacy with the Lord. For corporate prayer, Harvest offers several avenues to receive prayer and fellowship through prayer.

It is the hope of Harvest and EFC leadership that this our church would be a house of prayer dedicated to the Lord.

Prayer Meetings

There are many opportunities to pray together at Harvest. Harvest Prayer Meetings are held every Tuesday night at 7:30 PM. We meet at church. Rides from UCSD campus to prayer meeting are available. Please contact if you need a ride to prayer meeting. Subscribe to the HarvestSD Google Group to receive email announcements each week! 

Contact Us

For more information about prayer meetings, to request a ride to prayer meeting, or if you have any prayer requests, please contact us at or submit your prayer request here.