Missions Ministry

The church is called to make disciples of all nations (Matt 28:18-20). Missions Ministry exists to promote and support the sending of missionaries into global mission fields. We believe everyone is called to be involved in the global mission to reach the lost in some way, whether that be going as a short-term or long-term missionary, supporting missionaries through financial giving and prayer, or mobilizing people to be involved in missions.

Each year, we put on a missions awareness fundraiser called Reflections & Servant Auction. This is an event that combines ministry, service, and art into one event dedicated to raising awareness about the need for missions work and supporting that work. Activities vary from musical performance, to an auction for personal services and works of art, to updates from our short-term and long-term missionaries, and, most importantly, praying for the growth of God’s kingdom! For more information, join the HarvestSD Google Group and keep an eye out for information about Reflections & Servant Auction, which usually takes place in October every year.

Our congregation’s history is rich with stories of many Christians who left their comfort zones and joined various short-term missions trips to different parts of the world. Over the years members have gone on trips to China, Thailand, Cambodia, Taiwan, and Mexico. These were to preach the gospel, to provide for the poor, to train and encourage brothers and sisters in living faithfully across various aspects of life, and to comfort the broken.

More recently, starting in 2015 we partnered with a missionary mobilization organization in Tijuana, Mexico to build small homes for those in need, to enable short-term trip-goers to experience a taste of life in a developing country, and to raise awareness about the need for missions work throughout the world, particularly unreached countries. In addition to our continued work in Mexico, in 2016 we also sent a team to Thailand in support of missionaries working among native Thai people groups.

Every new year brings fresh excitement for God’s work in growing his kingdom, and we are excited to continue current partnerships, plan potential short-term trips, and consider other long-term missionaries to support!

If you’d like to find out what our church is up to this year in missions or get more involved, please email missions@harvestsd.com.