Harvest College Fellowship

Harvest College Fellowship mission is to impact the college campuses where God grants us the privilege of operating as student organizations by engaging students with the Gospel and equipping them to grow in Christian spiritual maturity, to the glory of God (Eph 4:1-16). It is our intent that every member of Harvest Christian Fellowship be actively involved in their spiritual growth and the growth of the community, through serving and strengthening others, as well as reaching out to engage and impact the campus through the people they encounter.

UC San Diego

Friday Night Small Group
Harvest College Fellowship meets on Friday at 6:30pm for small group. Come join us this quarter and learn about Spiritual Disciplines led by the young adults of our church! We provide rides and dinner!

Sunday Service / Christian Education
Harvest Evangelical Church of San Diego meets on Sunday at 9:30am for service. We are currently going over Romans in service. After service, we also have Christian Education, where we study Romans further together through inductive study in a large group setting.

Campus Rides
Campus rides will be provided at Croutons at 6pm for Friday Night Small Group and 9am for Sunday Service. We also provide off campus rides if requested. If you plan on coming to Friday Night Small Group and/or Sunday Service and need a ride, please email rides@harvestsd.com so that we may accommodate accordingly!

General Information
Address: 13885 El Camino Real, San Diego, CA 92130
Phone: (858) 863-6065
Email: college@harvestsd.com
Google Groups: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/hcf-ucsd
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/HarvestCF