Harvest College Ministry

College Ministry at Harvest is a fellowship of Harvest Evangelical Church of San Diego. It exists to impact the college campuses where God grants us the privilege of operating as student organizations by engaging students with the Gospel and equipping them to grow in Christian spiritual maturity, to the glory of God (Eph 4:1-16). It is our intent that every member of Harvest College Ministry be actively involved in their spiritual growth and the growth of the community, through serving and strengthening others, as well as reaching out to engage and impact the campus through the people they encounter.

College Small Groups

We encourage everyone to be part of a small group. Small groups are the place where life change is fostered through the application of biblical truths. It is in small groups that you get to know members of the community personally and vulnerably. They are meant to intentionally foster obedience to the “one another” commands of Scripture, both as individual members and as a group. College Small Groups meet approximately once a week at a time and place that is based on the availability of those in the group. If you would like to find out more about small groups or to join a group, contact us at smallgroups@harvestsd.com.