Christian Education

Christian Education ministry is intended to clearly teach the Bible and engage culturally relevant topics with the Gospel, to equip people for the work of ministry and for living out the Christian life. We strive to cultivate a culture of knowing what we believe and why we believe it. Although knowledge isn’t the end goal of the Christian life—worship is—our knowledge is related to our worship because it matters that we be worshipping the right God. In John 4, Jesus Christ said that the Father is seeking those who will worship in Spirit as well as in truth. It is the goal of Christian Education to enable Harvesters to worship God and live for his glory in a knowledgable manner.

Schedule for 2018:

Q1: Inductive Bible Study - Romans: Join us as we go chapter by chapter through Paul's most systematic explanation of the Gospel, in conjunction with our current Sunday sermon series through Romans.

Q2: Church History through Christian Biographies: We recognize that we stand on the shoulders of many faithful brothers and sisters who persevered through struggles and challenges throughout history. In studying their success and failures in faith, we hope to learn from them and be challenged/encouraged to continue forward.

Q3: Faiths Around the World: How do we know that the faith we proclaim is the truth unless we take the time to understand what others claim to be true? In order to understand the faith systems of those around us so that we are better able to understand them, we will be studying major religions and belief systems this quarter. We hope to grow in confidence so that we can listen and dialogue with people of differing beliefs.

At various times during each year, we also have special CE courses for Baptism and for Membership, for those interested in getting baptized or becoming members of Harvest.

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